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        Bottling Production LineLocation:Home > Product > Bottling Production Line
            Product Description

        The unit is a combinated unit designed specially for milk of PE bottles and integrates the functions of lifting, arranging, conveying, filling, capping and sealing. The unit is equipped with electrical element and has a man-machine interface control. It shows high speed and high automation , etc.
        The Model:HGFJ-GS-24-18
        Applicable Bottle Mouth :25-45mm
        Applicable Bottle Diameter:35-55mm
        Applicable Bottle Height:110mm-190mm
        The Max  Volume :100ml-450ml
        Output :10000 bottle/hour(200ml)
        The power of A Motor:15kw
        The Air Consumption:0.3m3 /min
        The Weight :1800kg

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